A compilation of recordings from my band from the early ’00’s, The Tokeleys, is out now on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and all other major music platforms. Please give it a listen!


John Hogan. “Untitled (Sunburn)” Colored Pencil on Paper, 18″ x 24″. 2016.

I’ll be showing some drawings as part of the group show Wry & Dry. The opening is Saturday, March 19th, 7pm – 9pm. Wry & Dry, March 19th – April 16th. Ms Barbers, 5370 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90016


Fright Privilege is a satirical multimedia Haunted (Open) House. Intimate walk-throughs led by “Dakota”, a real estate agent eager to guide you through a horror show of neurotic fears plaguing progressive-minded urbanites, including the looming specter of Decreased Property Values Due To Neighborhood Disrepair, falling victim to Unfair Characterizations On The Internet, losing the White Demographic Majority, consuming Genetically Modified Vegetables, and actually having to confront an angry and articulate Displaced Former Tenant.

Groups of 10 people will enter each hour, for this intimate walk-through performance. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Cast includes: Sommer Branham, Jessica Jean Jardine, Jason Underhill, Peter De Remier and more, along with video art by Trulee Hall, and a special performance by Raquel Bell.

Tour Times:
Saturday October 31

Sunday November 1st


I wrote a review of MOCA’s 2014 performance series Step and Repeat for the web edition of X-tra. The review talks about the current fascination with comedy in the art world, and how stand-up comedy plays out in the museum and fine art context. Discussed in the essay are performances by Neil Hamburger, Kate Berlant and Dynasty Handbag. You can read it here. (photo by Josh White, courtesy of MOCA Los Angeles)

I was recently interviewed by the inimitable Joan Quinn on her show, The Joan Quinn Profiles. She is trying hard to understand what I do and why I’m on her show. I said stuff like “I’m not professionally trained as a musician, but I was in the marching band” and I referred to REDCAT Studio as “A Whitman’s Sampler of Experimental Performance.” Click on the picture to be taken to the website that contains the video (it’s in Flash format)  My interview starts around the 13:30 mark (note: interview ends a bit abruptly.)

This is a picture of John Hogan on the Joan Quinn Profiles.

“I wasn’t professionally trained, but I was in the marching band…”