Monthly Archives: September 2012

Welcome to the new John Hogan Studio site. 

There are videos, images, and music streams, and I’m sure to add more as time goes on.  It even comes pre-loaded with eleven posts backdated by five months.  Please explore and enjoy.

Romney/O’Connor, 2012

Recitation of opening section of Ann Romney’s address to the 2012 Republican National Convention, followed by a performance of “You Cause As Much Sorrow” by Sinead O’Connor.  Part of The Space Between You And Me, a collaborative project of Chi-Wang Yang and Mira Kingsley, Little High, Los Angeles.

I will be performing Saturday, Sept. 1st, 7pm at Little High in Highland Park.

It will be a brief performance involving speaking and singing and guitar playing.

It is part of The Space Between You and Me, a collaboration between director Chi-Wang Yang and movement artist Mira Kingsley.

Other artists involved are Tanya Brodsky, Maya Gingery, Marilyn Lowey, Zoe Aja Moore, and Julian Valdivieso.

Event generally runs from 7-9.

Little High, 134 S Ave 57, Highland Park, CA 90042

For more information, visit the website: