Ponce de Leon


03/03/12  Ponce de Leon Sings Made Up Songs From A Fake America, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

02/25/12  The Audio Visual Department,  Automata, Los Angeles

11/17/11  Once Emerging Now Emerging: Livin’ L.A., Cirrus Gallery, L.A.

01/15/11  Record Release: Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth, Origami Vinyl, L.A.

10/23/10  Pumpkin Carve-Up at Elder House, w/ Practice Band, Wet and Reckless, Para Los Ninos, Western Popular, The Cheap

07/09/10  Kristi Lippire & Matt Wardell’s Backyard Screening, w/ Art of Bleeding, Stephanie Hutin, Ernie Kovacs, Cory Fogel, Jennifer Levonian, Kelly Sears. Highland Park, L.A., CA

 05/14/10  The Smell w/ Anna Oxygen, The Finches, Key Losers

11/20/09   The Island of Florida: A Revisionist History, Machine Project, L.A.

11/01/09   The Eternal Telethon 11: Dia de los Muertos. Los Angeles, CA

07/13/08   Dinner Theater Night #2 Telic Arts Exchange, w/sarah paul ocampo, mecca vazie andrews, cathy de la cruz, steve gregoropoulos, the all girl comb choir, lindsay beamish, david p earle, paloma parfrey, claire mckeown, katie shook w/ eric lindley

07/14/07   The Scene w/ LaCo$te, Duchess of Tek, Guam, Hard Place, L.A.

07/18/07   Jambalaya, Humboldt, CA

07/19/07   Rotture w/ Sukey Tawdry, Autotopia. Portland, OR

03/30/07  The Smell w/ Abiku, Dommm, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

02/05/07   Il Corral w/ Alexis Gideon, Ima Fucking Gymnast, Future America, Moment Trigger

12/08/06   Il Corral w/ Lobster Repair, Wounded Lion, Rumspringa

11/19/06   Il Corral w/ Christian Cummings, Anna Jones, Shady Action

07/29/06   Supersonic 2006 Opening. L.A. Municipal Art Gallery-Barnsdall Park

05/13/06    The Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth. Velaslavasay Panorama Theater, L.A.

03/25/06   The Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth. CalArts, Valencia, CA

01/08/06   The Gig w/ Porterville, Hockey, Letter Openers, L.A.

12/18/05   Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Luke Temple, Dawn Landes, Planes for Spaces

12/03/05   USC Open Studios, Los Angeles, CA w/ The Bushes

11/08/05   The Smell, L.A. w/ Bellow And Howl, Anni Rossi, Kevin Shields vs. Brian Miller, The First Ladies

08/25/05   Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Palomar, The Mosquitos,

08/24/05   The Ottobar, Baltimore Md. w/ Thunderbirds Are Now!, Double Dagger, PonyTail

08/23/05   P.A.’s Lounge, Somerville, MA. w/ Impossible Hair

07/08/05   The Echo, L.A. w/ Tussle, Shy Child

07/07/05   Yunhee Min. Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego CA

02/24/05   CalArts Thursday Night Opening, Valencia, CA

02/20/05   K48 Jamboree/Sundown Salon, Fritz Haeg’s Geodesic Dome, w/ Totally Radd, L.A.

05/20/04   Lit Lounge, w/This Moment in Black History. New York, NY

09/18/03   Southpaw, w/ Hockey Night, Brooklyn, NY

07/13/03   Luxx, w/Palomar, Octopus Project, Brooklyn, NY

06/28/03   Talking Head, w/ Bandway; Baltimore, Md.

04/??/03   Publik House, Brooklyn, NY. (“John knocks over a chair and gets kicked out”)

Winter 2003  Bushwick, Brooklyn • Videogames Kidnapping “Party” filmed by VH1

Jan. 2003  Talking Head, w/ Oranges Band, Baltimore, Md.

11/00/02   Landing, “Michael Haleta: Raw Special Effects” w/ Cutter/Hammer, Jeff Donaldson. Brooklyn, NY