P1120256I will be performing a work entitled “Imperialistic Picnic” at Cerritos College on Monday, Nov. 18th between 11am and 12:30 pm.

“As part of the second Los Angeles SUR:biennial at Cerritos College, John P. Hogan will perform a number of songs from the vantage point of his band Ponce de Leon’s titular conquistador, a utopian society of dolphins, prisoners at Guantanomo Bay, and Ann Romney. In the spirit of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, snacks will be provided to passersby.”

I have created an edition of three drawings and a written piece for MATERIAL, the excellent journal of artist’s writings, for their Limited Editions series. I’m very happy to see the project complete. Please check it out.  If you’d like to purchase a drawing, they are only $250, each is unique, and all proceeds go to MATERIAL.

“You Celebrate Yourselves” serves as the introductory poem in “Song of Yourselves”, a longer performance involving poetry, musical performance, and contextually appropriate audience karaoke. In the live performance, this section ends with an appeal for an audience member to sing karaoke.

From the program for “Song of Yourselves” when it was performed at Automata in Los Angeles, May of 2013: “Welcome to Song of Yourselves, a celebration and laying to rest of the Cultural Supremacy of The American White Male. Tonight, we celebrate his heights, we look at some of his least odious recent low points with affection and humor, and we sing the songs that he wrote and/or adopted during the late twentieth century, when both his power and international influence peaked. We hope you enjoy your evening and are able to laugh, cry, and revel in the twilight of a truly spectacular era in our shared history.”

SONG OF YOURSELVES Created and Performed by John P. Hogan As we enter the Twilight of the American White Male, join John P.Hogan for an Irish Wake of sorts. Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, Clint Eastwood's iconic "Chair Piece", and the fragmented micromanagement of the self and others through art, poetry and bureaucracy will all come under consideration. Bring your barbaric yawp, for festivities will include Contextually Appropriate Pop Songs Sung By The Audience, and other spectacular delights yet to be determined SONG OF YOURSELVES May 24, 25 8pm Automata 504 Chung King Court Los Angeles, CA 90012 www.automata-la.org $15 General, $12 Members/Students/Seniors http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/369124