dialoguesofpracticewebThis Thursday, March 14th, I will be showing some new drawings and
performing at the opening of Dialogues of Practice, Part 1, an
exhibition curated by Kristi Lippire.

Dialogues of Practice, Part 1
West Los Angeles College Gallery
9000 Overland Ave., Culver City, 90230
March 14th – April 25th
Opening Reception March 14th 7-9 pm.

Dialogues of Practice pairs ten L.A. artists with ten artists from the
First Street Gallery Art Center, a Claremont organization “founded on
the proposition that human potential for creativity and artistic
expression is not limited by physical or intellectual disabilities.”
Basically, the L.A. artists were asked to make work in response to
work made by artists from First Street, or to work in collaboration
with those artists.   It’s an interesting show with excellent artists,
bringing attention to a truly exceptional program.  I’m very happy to
be a part of it.

I will be performing at the opening on Thursday night, which runs from
7-9pm.  Estimated performance time: 8pm.
Hope to see you there!

My band from the early aughts, The Tokeleys, is featured as the intro and outro music on The Marc and Tom Show.  The Marc and Tom show is a conversation between two greats of comedy broadcasting and podcasting: Marc Maron of WTF with Marc Maron, and Tom Scharpling of the Best Show on WFMU!  I couldn’t be more proud to be marginally involved with this project.  The song used is “Mausoleum”, and you can check it out and download for free (as part of the “Sons of Horus” album) in the Audio section of this site.

Welcome to the new John Hogan Studio site. 

There are videos, images, and music streams, and I’m sure to add more as time goes on.  It even comes pre-loaded with eleven posts backdated by five months.  Please explore and enjoy.

Romney/O’Connor, 2012

Recitation of opening section of Ann Romney’s address to the 2012 Republican National Convention, followed by a performance of “You Cause As Much Sorrow” by Sinead O’Connor.  Part of The Space Between You And Me, a collaborative project of Chi-Wang Yang and Mira Kingsley, Little High, Los Angeles.

I will be performing Saturday, Sept. 1st, 7pm at Little High in Highland Park.

It will be a brief performance involving speaking and singing and guitar playing.

It is part of The Space Between You and Me, a collaboration between director Chi-Wang Yang and movement artist Mira Kingsley.

Other artists involved are Tanya Brodsky, Maya Gingery, Marilyn Lowey, Zoe Aja Moore, and Julian Valdivieso.

Event generally runs from 7-9.

Little High, 134 S Ave 57, Highland Park, CA 90042

For more information, visit the website: https://spacebetweenyouandme.jux.com/

Hi. I was a Guest Blogger for Art 21. This is the photo I gave them to use.

I Guest Blogged for Art 21 not too long ago. I wrote about my initiation into postmodern notions of the abject via Chris Elliott’s Get A Life, iconoclastic self-published ’50’s art critic Theodore L. Shaw as related to Marina Abramovic, Paul McCarthy as related to Tim & Eric, Disney’s Hall of Presidents and reactionary painter Jon McNaughton, the life’s work of subcultural icon Ian Svenonious, and Knowledges at Mount Wilson Observatory. You can access all my blogs here.



03/03/12  Ponce de Leon Sings Made Up Songs From A Fake America, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

02/25/12  The Audio Visual Department,  Automata, Los Angeles

11/17/11  Once Emerging Now Emerging: Livin’ L.A., Cirrus Gallery, L.A.

01/15/11  Record Release: Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth, Origami Vinyl, L.A.

10/23/10  Pumpkin Carve-Up at Elder House, w/ Practice Band, Wet and Reckless, Para Los Ninos, Western Popular, The Cheap

07/09/10  Kristi Lippire & Matt Wardell’s Backyard Screening, w/ Art of Bleeding, Stephanie Hutin, Ernie Kovacs, Cory Fogel, Jennifer Levonian, Kelly Sears. Highland Park, L.A., CA

 05/14/10  The Smell w/ Anna Oxygen, The Finches, Key Losers

11/20/09   The Island of Florida: A Revisionist History, Machine Project, L.A.

11/01/09   The Eternal Telethon 11: Dia de los Muertos. Los Angeles, CA

07/13/08   Dinner Theater Night #2 Telic Arts Exchange, w/sarah paul ocampo, mecca vazie andrews, cathy de la cruz, steve gregoropoulos, the all girl comb choir, lindsay beamish, david p earle, paloma parfrey, claire mckeown, katie shook w/ eric lindley

07/14/07   The Scene w/ LaCo$te, Duchess of Tek, Guam, Hard Place, L.A.

07/18/07   Jambalaya, Humboldt, CA

07/19/07   Rotture w/ Sukey Tawdry, Autotopia. Portland, OR

03/30/07  The Smell w/ Abiku, Dommm, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

02/05/07   Il Corral w/ Alexis Gideon, Ima Fucking Gymnast, Future America, Moment Trigger

12/08/06   Il Corral w/ Lobster Repair, Wounded Lion, Rumspringa

11/19/06   Il Corral w/ Christian Cummings, Anna Jones, Shady Action

07/29/06   Supersonic 2006 Opening. L.A. Municipal Art Gallery-Barnsdall Park

05/13/06    The Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth. Velaslavasay Panorama Theater, L.A.

03/25/06   The Island of Florida: A Foundation Myth. CalArts, Valencia, CA

01/08/06   The Gig w/ Porterville, Hockey, Letter Openers, L.A.

12/18/05   Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Luke Temple, Dawn Landes, Planes for Spaces

12/03/05   USC Open Studios, Los Angeles, CA w/ The Bushes

11/08/05   The Smell, L.A. w/ Bellow And Howl, Anni Rossi, Kevin Shields vs. Brian Miller, The First Ladies

08/25/05   Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Palomar, The Mosquitos,

08/24/05   The Ottobar, Baltimore Md. w/ Thunderbirds Are Now!, Double Dagger, PonyTail

08/23/05   P.A.’s Lounge, Somerville, MA. w/ Impossible Hair

07/08/05   The Echo, L.A. w/ Tussle, Shy Child

07/07/05   Yunhee Min. Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego CA

02/24/05   CalArts Thursday Night Opening, Valencia, CA

02/20/05   K48 Jamboree/Sundown Salon, Fritz Haeg’s Geodesic Dome, w/ Totally Radd, L.A.

05/20/04   Lit Lounge, w/This Moment in Black History. New York, NY

09/18/03   Southpaw, w/ Hockey Night, Brooklyn, NY

07/13/03   Luxx, w/Palomar, Octopus Project, Brooklyn, NY

06/28/03   Talking Head, w/ Bandway; Baltimore, Md.

04/??/03   Publik House, Brooklyn, NY. (“John knocks over a chair and gets kicked out”)

Winter 2003  Bushwick, Brooklyn • Videogames Kidnapping “Party” filmed by VH1

Jan. 2003  Talking Head, w/ Oranges Band, Baltimore, Md.

11/00/02   Landing, “Michael Haleta: Raw Special Effects” w/ Cutter/Hammer, Jeff Donaldson. Brooklyn, NY